Is the home you’ve always wanted only available in your mind? Make it real with us.

Terra Firma builds both small batch developments and custom homes because it’s necessary to understand both in order to provide the highest levels of service, quality, and design. Whatever you want to build, Terra Firma will ensure that it is exactly what you imagined it would be. We are beside you every step of the way. From the design process, to features and finishes, and completion, you’ll be a part of one of Canada’s finest home buying experiences. We respect your time, your investment, and your vision. Let us build the home you’ll never want to leave.


We don’t simply recycle previous plans. When we say custom we mean it. We’ll work with you to design something that is as beautiful as it is functional, all according to you.

Staying Green

All Terra Firma homes are made to be as energy efficient as possible.


Terra Firma does our very best to ensure that our clients’ expectations are always met and respected.