Why Choose Terra Firma?

Discover more about our community-focused building approach.

We build homes that trendsetting neighbourhoods deserve.

We believe that you just simply cannot build run-of-the-mill homes in a place that’s anything but. This community is one of the hubs for art and culture in Toronto, and it deserves homes that meet that ideal. We start with design; it must be fresh, original, and contemporary. Then it’s all about quality, features and finishes, green solutions, location, amenity offerings, and city-centric items like bike storage, lockers, and easy access to the TTC. We are building smart homes for an area teaching the world how to live better.

We grew up in Greater Bloor West Village.

Since 1996 Terra Firma partners Roberto and Sam have had a big hand in taking their old neighbourhood to new literal and figurative heights; but that’s not where the story ends.

Terra Firma was created in 1996

A dream about their neighbourhood and working together.

Roberto and Sam always dreamt of a shared business in the neighbourhood they grew up in. As they matured, their mutual interest in the building vertical led them to that dream. The two lifelong friends saw an opportunity to revitalize the west-end of the city via their passion for building with quality, care, and style.

Our Mission

To build homes where memories are made every day because there is nothing more rewarding than watching a family turn a house into a home.

Our Vision

To be seen as Greater Bloor West Village’s Builder of Choice by prospective homebuyers who are seeking boutique locations and innovation designs coupled with exceptional quality, value, comfort and service excellence.

Brand Values

These are the things that direct our business. If our values aren’t satisfied we won’t build it. It’s as simple as that.


We only build homes that fit into, and enhance the communities they’re a part of. Neighbourhoods don’t just happen, they take years, hard work, and time, so we ensure that anything we add to a landscape is beautiful, and attracts families that are the same.


For us, respect is a multifaceted word and it touches many aspects of our business. From the land we build on, and the communities we build in, to our dedication to customer service, and quality in finish and design, respect is ever present.


Considering the area in which we build, innovation is a must. We believe that your home should match your lifestyle, and in Toronto’s west that means a residence that blends fashion with staying power, offers intelligent uses of space, green solutions, and the latest in home automation tech.


From the moment shovel hits dirt, to beyond the delivery of a new home, our projects are designed and maintained to allow our employees, homeowners, their children, and guests an environment that is safe, built with precision and quality, and with security in mind.


Transparency is key to our success. We’re always up-front about our products, how we build them, how we finish them. We’ll always listen to your wants, needs, and concerns and do our best to meet them with honesty, professionalism, and realistic solutions.


Like any good business, we’re always improving, changing, and learning; however, we believe that our process, and product offerings are amongst the best in our vertical. That’s why we invite you to visit any of our sites or our sales office to judge our excellence for yourself.

Terra Firma Facts

Get the skinny on Bloor’s better builder.

We’re history buffs!

At our Park Lofts site we converted an old Baptist church – built in 1888, into 8 modern townhomes, all while retaining its beautiful old-world look according to Ontario Heritage regulations.

We’ve built over 75 custom homes in Toronto’s West End.

That’s right, if you live or work in the West end, you might walk by one of our builds every single day.

We’ve been doing this since ‘96.

Yes, 1996 was actually 20 years ago, and we’ve been building homes that we’re proud of the whole time.

Our Developments Offers

Unique locations

We only choose the most interesting, amenity rich, and welcoming locations to build our homes and communities in Greater West Bloor Village.

Creative design and architecture

Both inside and out, the way our homes look is of the utmost importance. A touch of classic style and contemporary lines meet to create homes that are unique and feel perfect in their neighbourhoods.


All Terra Firma homes are made to be as energy efficient as possible. That means implementing new types of green technology and building practices to ensure that you save on your bill, and Mother Earth benefits to boot.

Eye to details

The smallest things can often make the biggest impact. When it comes to our products we pay close attention to everything from the tiniest screw to the heaviest beam.

Service and care

Our reputation and brand are incredibly important to us, and that means taking the best care of our customers that we possibly can. Whether you’ve purchased from us or are thinking about it, know that you’ll get the finest treatment. Buying a home is a huge emotional and financial investment and you deserve the best.

A lot of passion

From Bloor West Village, to Swansea, High Park, and The Junction, we incorporate a dedication to quality, and neighbourhood development into every project we’ve done or plan to do because we love the area and we love what we do.


Throughout our dealings with Terra Firma, we found Sam and his partner Rob to be attentive, responsive and to be true to their word. We were thrilled with our house when we took possession of it, and now having lived in it for almost three years as a family with two young children, the house has exceeded our expectations with respect to workmanship, quality, and materials used.

The Pearce Family

We had a great experience with Terra Firma. Their timeliness, efficiency and attention to detail exceeded our expectations. We were in a unique situation – living right next door – and were able to watch the house be built brick-by-brick. With this daily bird’s eye view, we found that everyone who touched our home was a consummate professional and a pleasure to deal with.


The high quality of workmanship and level of service met our very exacting standards. We were listened to and consulted every step of the way. The company has experienced and dedicated trades that provided practical advice and assisted with extra work we wanted to be done. We would not hesitate to recommend Terrafirma for any custom building or renovation project.

May Cheng
Intellectual Property Lawyer

If you love the Greater Bloor West Village area and truly care about finding the perfect new home, we’d love to meet you and your family.

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